OSHA #7205 - Health Hazard Awareness

This course provides an introduction to common health hazards that are encountered in the workplace. These health hazards will include exposure to chemicals, asbestos, silica and lead. The course will feature these topics: identification of hazard; sources of exposure; health hazard information; evaluation of exposure; and engineering and work practice controls. The course materials will include an instructor and student manual; workshops and group activities; and PowerPoint presentations. The course is designed as an awareness course for employers and employees.

Course Benefits

  • Understand common health hazards in the workplace and methods for controlling and abatement of these hazards
  • Earn 0.7 CEU's or 1.17 ABIH

Course Topics

  • Identification of hazards
  • Sources of exposure
  • Health hazard information
  • Evaluation of exposure
  • Engineering and work practice controls


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